By entering and using the Website you are deemed to have read and
accepted these Terms of Use.  If you do not accept these Terms of
Use or any part of them, you should not use the Website. will not distribute/give/sell/barter/lend/show or even
inform any other company or person(s) of your information unless you
directly tell me to do so for some silly reason.  The bottom line is
that I am not interested in your information in any way shape or form.

While I do take security precautions to protect this site from general
attacks and all that jazz I am not using encryption (https); mainly
because there is no sensitive information stored here and there should
not be any sensitive information stored here.  eventually I may get a
real SSL cert. but, for now, I don't see it as an issue.

CHILDREN on this site.  If you, as a parent, are allowing your kid(s)
on the internet then I also assume that reading/posting/accessing this
site is OK too.  If you have issues with that please email me and I'll
work with you.

dave (at) daemonx (dot) com

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