Global Warming

Here’s my take on global warming … climate change … whatever you want to call it.

First off I’d like to point out that only completely ignorant and fully controllable people fall for the “rename the bad thing so it doesn’t sound bad anymore” trick.  Words and meaning are a part of the same 2-way communication street.  Communication = “1/2 saying” + “1/2 listening”.  If you need any more explanation than that you should read a book on it and ponder your navel until you become enlightened.

In the USA we’re very well off.  Even the poorest of the poor living on the streets have more than the average person in some countries.  While we whine about a small percentage of people without health care insurance and then spend a trillion dollars to cover that small percentage other countries are asking for a few billion to keep families fed.  I mention this because wealth and privilege play a part in my theory of global warming and climate change.  The other part of the picture I’ll cover involves the 10 Planks of Communism and the communist agenda from the cold war era.

Wealth and Privilege

Humans have a psychological need to struggle against something.  Every religion I am aware of extols the virtues of of surviving and living through bad times and circumstances.  We gain wisdom and perspective and, most of all, we become stronger as a person/people.  Those who are wealthy and privileged generally don’t have the same problems or challenges, so they are portrayed as weaker and decadent and in some cases down right mean and evil.  There’s tons of stuff to think about in there including class wars, political control, religious manipulation, racism and sexism, the list could go on.  The part I will focus on is the tendency for all of us to find these bad times or challenges regardless of whether or not they actually exist as real challenges.

Conceptual Ponderment

It’s a blog so I can use ponderment is I want :-)  Think about this concept:  if we humans completely eradicate the worst of the crimes we have today (child molestation, rape, murder) then what would we consider the worst crimes?  How would we treat them?  Think about your grandchildren who grow up without any knowledge of these terrible crimes and what they would consider to be horrible crimes?  Wouldn’t their horrible crimes then become the news worthy events, the most strictly punished acts, or the next database of offenders to compile?  Bad is a word that depends on our perception of it, also known as subjective, and it changes as the circumstances around it change.  It’s similar to the concepts showed in a study done with monkey’s, a desirable object (like a banana) and a water hose (see sources at the bottom).  Pretty soon no one will know if it’s really a threat, or even care, they’ll just want to champion something.  Kinda sounds like the war on drugs … especially marijuana.  The point is that we manufacture causes in the absence of real causes and that wealth and prosperity have a tendency to solve most of the problems people have (hunger, safety, shelter, etc).

The 10 Planks of Communism

If you look at what government is doing as a result of the “global warming change climate thingie” and compare it with the goals of communism I think you’ll see a pattern develop.  The Fed is taking more and more control of the energy industry in the USA.  Transportation is the other side of the energy coin and it’s a joke, especially since the Fed bought 61% of GM and is now looking to sell it to China … in years past that would be considered treason!

Why is it that people get excited about electric cars?  Sure, they’re kinda cool but where do you think the cars get the electricity?  Either you burn fuel in the car or you burn the same (or more) fuel somewhere else in order to turn it in to electricity.  No wonder our public school system isn’t pushing strong sciences like it used to; if people understand basic science then they can’t be tricked as easily.  Wonder why ethanol gas is cheaper than regular gas?  Not because it’s cheaper to make … it’s because the government subsidies it!

Years ago the Fed usurped the education of our children and is now to the point where “we the people” don’t really have any say any more.  So our kids get spoon fed junk in the public schools that, on the surface, seem not too bad but turn out to be incremental changes in language and perception in order to shape opinion in the years to come.  Kids are forced to learn things that the parents don’t really agree with but if the parents don’t sign the permission form the kid doesn’t get the 10 extra points towards their grade … so the parent becomes the bad-guy for having principals?  Public schools celebrate Democratic party presidents and denounce Republican presidents despite the fact that both parties approve HUGE education budgets.  Teachers periodically, and generally subtly, voice liberal opinions in the classroom and pass it off as fact.

So global warming will get more and more champions as our kids grow up and most of those kids will have no clue what the science is really about.  They’ll just be cause-cheer-leaders ala Nancy Pelosi <shiver>.

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