ASUS Zenbook UX31E Issues

I recently got rid of my 12lb Alienware M17X and replaced it with an ASUS Zenbook.  My goal was to reduce carry weight and lengthen battery time – achieved.  I do miss the sweet 17″ monitor though.

Anyway, right out of the box the wireless card sucked.  It wouldn’t connect to my network unless I was 2 or 3 feet from the WAP.  I did everything imaginable to resolve it including all of the steps ASUS suggested.  Then I just figured I’d replace the stupid thing and be done with it.

Since past ASUS models have used oddly sized cards I decided to take the back off of the laptop and measure the wireless card to make sure I replaced it with one that would fit.  It’s easy to do, 10 screws and yer done.  When I carefully removed the cloth tape holding the antennae leads on to the card terminals it became apparent that one of the leads wasn’t actually connected to begin with.

Schweet!  I carefully connected the loose lead, put the case back together, powered up and -TADA- no more issues.  The wireless card works as expected.

So if yer having seemingly unfixable problems with your Atheros wireless card in an ASUS laptop I suggest taking the back off and checking the antennae leads.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself I can say that anyone who has put a computer together can do this for you.  Easy peasy.

Here’s a good detailed guide on taking it apart.

Here’s an image from the site above but with the wireless card identified.  There should be 2 leads attached to it, a black one and a white one.

Yup, it’s tiny.  A little more than an inch in length and a little more than 1/2 and inch wide.

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