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Congress should be making governance laws NOT business policies and practices.

Why is health care so expensive? Because health care providers charge so much and because people treat health insurance like a credit card. hospitals need to compete with each other to LOWER prices. Right now hospitals compete with each other on how high they can charge.

Insurance is not designed to pay for EVERYTHING it’s designed to pay for catastrophic events and conditions. If we STOP making the insurance companies PAY FOR EVERYTHING then costs go down across the board.

Letting the government pay for everything with money it takes away from us via taxes/fees/levies only benefits people who do not pay taxes. Those of us who do pay taxes still have to pay for the high priced health care .. through TAXES. That’s why it’s called wealth redistribution and that’s why it’s called socialism.

The way to fix the sky-rocketing costs is to do just that … control the costs. Hospitals need to be the target, not insurance companies. Do you call up GIECO and complain about how much your used car cost you? No. Does your car insurance pay for oil changes, windshield wiper fluid and tune ups? No. Anyone see the analogy here?

1) People need to be smart consumers and NOT use health insurance like a credit card that someone else pays.

2) We need alternatives to the ER … Minute Clinic is a good start, but we need more of them and they need to open 24/7. Wow, that would mean a LOT of jobs and stuff.

3) There needs to more options for coverage, ala-carte would be AWESOME! I HATE that my premium includes things I will never need … like pre-natal care. I’m a MAN … EXIT only.

*) Once the government subsidizes something it’s over. The $200/month premium is still $200/month. It’s just that you directly pay $50 out of your pocket and the government takes the rest out in taxes. You still pay for it, and you also lose control. Look at college … it’s NOT CHEAPER. The UofMN is a publicly funded school and tuition is $250/cr … that doesn’t include the additional $250/cr it gets from the state of MN … via our TAXES. Government involvement doesn’t fix anything.

“We The People” need to be more responsible and stop asking our government and employers to take care of us. I bought health insurance when I turned 18 years old, from BCBS for $50 a month for a $500 deductible plan. When I was 20 I broke my spine in a motorcycle accident and, at 39, I am still disabled. My premiums are $167.50 a month and my out of pocket expenses are maxed at $2850 (because I converted to an HSA). Plus I don’t have to pay for an employer sponsored plan. My plan costs went up $111.50 over 20 years … not bad in my eyes.

I pay out $4860 a year. So far BCBS has paid out well over one million dollars on my care (supplies, surgeries, equipment, meds, doctor visits, etc). THAT is what insurance is for. To cover everyone’s pre-existing conditions means that premiums would become so high no one could afford them. Do you think you should be able to buy insurance for your car AFTER you wreck it?

And who has BCBS paid this money to? Mostly Abbott North Western. Why has BCBS paid this much money out? Because Abbott North Western CHARGES IT. Anyone listening? Target the hospitals and providers and make them compete.

Congress should be making governance laws NOT business policies and practices.

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