Airport Security

Probable vs Possible

Americans are guaranteed certain rights and the only way those rights can be suspended against our will is in the face of probable cause.  The police have to get a search warrant to search your home and they have to have probable cause to get that warrant.  This is very different from possible cause.  When the police pull you over for a speeding violation they still require probable cause to frisk you, search your car, or accuse you of anything.  They can not search you without probable cause even if you walk in to the police station.

The TSA is assuming that everyone is guilty until proven innocent via nude-cam or a summary groping.  This is a clear case of possible cause and that, my friends, is a violation of American rights.  It’s as simple as that.

p.s.   Might be a good idea to keep these scanners, though, so we can scan and grope non-Americans.  We should always be looking for ways to alienate ourselves.

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