JuiceBar Portable Charger

Big brother Matt got me a 1500mAh JuiceBar solar charger from thinkgeek.com.  I’d been considering getting one of these for a while but couldn’t settle on which one and how much to spend.  $50 is a good price I think, especially since it was a present :-)

JuiceBar picture from thinkgeek.com



$49.95 +S&H

Thinkgeek is usually really good at having swanky and out-of-the-box descriptions of their stuff they sell.  But the description for the JuiceBar is disappointing.  They should have mentioned something about how they were in the process of getting it certified by the FDA as a storage medium for vitamin-D (get it solar … sun rays have vitamin D in it …).  I dunno, maybe that’s lame … never stopped them before though.

Anyway, I like it.  It charges from a USB or from solar.  It’ll even charge from lamps and stuff, which takes a little longer.  Also cool is that it will charge the phone you plug it in to at the same time as it charges itself.  Very coolio.  Lots of power nibs and a carry pouch for it all … score.

One thing I’m not of yet that remains to be tested (haven’t done it yet because it requires that I pay attention to it while it charges and remember to note when it finishes) is what happens when the phone is done charging off of the JuiceBar and the JuiceBar has power left?  I have a sneaking suspicion that the JuiceBar expends all its energy while you have something charging from it even if the chargee isn’t drawing the power.  We’ll see … either way I’m happy with it.

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