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JuiceBar Portable Charger

Big brother Matt got me a 1500mAh JuiceBar solar charger from  I’d been considering getting one of these for a while but couldn’t settle on which one and how much to spend.  $50 is a good price I think, … Continue reading

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Password Hacking

Here’s some interesting information on passwords, what make good ones, what make bad ones, and how your passwords can get hacked in to.  I’ve been a unix administrator since 1996 and a Linux administrator since 1996.  I’ve worked a lot … Continue reading

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Pondering Public Duty Doctrine

So I’m listening to C-SPAN and reading up on the Public Duty Doctrine as a part of the health care reform concept.  If you are not familiar with the Public Duty Doctrine here it is in a nut shell:  people/groups/agencies/governments … Continue reading

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