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ASUS Zenbook UX31E Issues

I recently got rid of my 12lb Alienware M17X and replaced it with an ASUS Zenbook.  My goal was to reduce carry weight and lengthen battery time – achieved.  I do miss the sweet 17″ monitor though. Anyway, right out … Continue reading

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Cricket Trailer!!

I’ve been researching and looking for camper / trailer options for a few years now.  Eventually I came to the decision that buying an aluminum, covered, utility trailer was going to provide the best shell for me to start with. … Continue reading

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Paraplegia and Conceal and Carry

So I’ve been a paraplegic for 22 years as of May 2012.  I’ve had my MN CCW for 8 years now as well.  I went through a lot of holsters over the years and I haven’t found “The” perfect one … Continue reading

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Arizona Shooting

This may sound mean to some but the “hero’s” who tackled the Arizona shooter had to wait until he was reloading. If someone with a permit to carry a pistol had been there his shooting spree would have ended after … Continue reading

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Government as Walmart

Most people, if not all, can understand the concept of a big chain store building in an area where lots of small businesses exist.  The chain store changes the economic landscape such that the small competitors can not survive and … Continue reading

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Airport Security

Probable vs Possible Americans are guaranteed certain rights and the only way those rights can be suspended against our will is in the face of probable cause.  The police have to get a search warrant to search your home and … Continue reading

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Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

I was thinking about the whole concept of antibiotics overuse and how it’s found its way in to the hand washing market because soaps get labeled antibacterial and antimicrobial.  First off, antibiotic and WAY different than antibacterial and antimicrobial but … Continue reading

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Sweeping Change?

Q: Why is it that politicians, and the legions of dependent workers that depend on them, see more of the same useless laws piled on top of the heap of useless laws we already have as fundamental change? A: Seems … Continue reading

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Global Warming

Here’s my take on global warming … climate change … whatever you want to call it. First off I’d like to point out that only completely ignorant and fully controllable people fall for the “rename the bad thing so it … Continue reading

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Law and Order

I was sitting and listening to C-SPAN, as I quite often do, and there were some reports on the Taliban stoning women for adultery and even stoning a couple for eloping (calling even THAT adultery).  My first thought was “How … Continue reading

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