Hi, I’m Dave and DaemonX is my website/domain/alter ego;  daemon (unix controlling process) and X (generation X).

blogs.daemonx.com – easy enough, it’s for blogging.  I’m not being trendy, at least not on purpose, I just found that I’m wanting to write/type about stuff more these days and facebook irritates me with all of its security issues and privacy issues.  So here I am; if you’d like to join me in blogging here just send me an email.  I also tend to be cheeky/sarcastic/ironic/joking/goofy so be warned :-)

dave (at) daemonx (dot) com  put [BLOG] in the subject to make sure I don’t filter your email in to the garbagio :-)  use my gpg key too if you want to make me happy :-)   http://www.daemonx.com/SDS-GPG.txt

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